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How Transhuman Are We? is a central question in Agenda 2020; a self-motivating survival guide for a grimmer Future. There seems to be a common misconception that there is "A Transhumanist Age on the rise/coming/ahead". This is wrong; we already live in the Transhumanist Age. Our role in this age is to first identify our "transhuman footprint" and then act upon that knowledge to reduce it.

"It does not matter what is true, what matters is what is perceived to be true"

By 2030 the world will not be as forgiving to less-Transhumans as in 2020...


What IS Transhumanism?[edit | edit source]

  • "Something with robots" - eh no, that is a tiny part of it

"Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values." - Max More (1990)

"Transhumanism overview

In an article on the website of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Hank Pellissier wrote an extensive overview of various forms that fall under transhumanism.

In addition to a short description, I [not me; Gaia!] have translated the names into Dutch. There are well-known transhumanists in parentheses representing this movement.

  • Extropianism. A strong emphasis on rationality and optimism about the future of man (Nathasha Vita-More);

Extropianism, also referred to as the philosophy of Extropy, is an "evolving framework of values and standards for continuously improving the human condition". Extropians believe that advances in science and technology will some day let people live indefinitely.

  • Singularitarianism. The sudden emergence of super intelligence (Ray Kurzweil);
  • Hedonistic imperative. The goal is to eliminate human suffering (David Pearce);
  • Democratic transhumanism. Focus on social processes and democratic decision-making (James Hughes);
  • Libertarian transhumanism. In contrast to the previous movement, libertarianism is aimed at the individual and as little interference as possible from the government (Peter Thiel);
  • Survival transhumanism. Focus is on life extension (Zoltan Istvan)
  • Religious transhumanism. The philosophy of transhumanism is in line with religious ideas such as the Mormons (Lincoln Cannon) and Buddhism (Mike LaTorra). Sometimes Terasem (Bina Rothblatt and Bruce Duncan) is also linked to this substrate;
  • Cosmopolitan transhumanism. Resembles posthumanism with an emphasis on empathy, compassion and the greater good of humanity (Steve Umbrello);
  • Cosmism: Attitude of growth, happiness and a more limited role for science (Giulio Prisco);
  • Anarchist transhumanism: By connecting human cognition, companies, countries or other institutions are no longer needed.

As you can probably deduce from this overview, the sub-foundations of transhumanism are mainly fed by political, moral, religious and philosophical views of the world." - Superhumantalks - Transhumanism. Definition, trends & Posthumanism

  • Gaia:

"Any transition from natural, tribal, shamanistic human behavior into a bizarre virtual and unnatural or otherwise transhuman state, where only by making analogues to real-life scenarios (DEPROGRAM) the absurdity becomes obvious."

  • Deletetheelite:


Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial
  • Intelligence
  • No, Artificial INtalligence doesn't really exist, she referred to a thing called a fence, if there is a bug, it will not be able to go outside of the fence.

Join the discussion![edit | edit source]

Guesstimates by Gaia[edit | edit source]

Note:subject to change and only public Discord discussion referenced; privacy is privacy

Name Other name Score Notes Refs
TheNovaScotian 9 % Principally refuses state slavery (passports), creates and shares for free his own excellent rap. Decisions to cut the virtual world for a long time. Excellent example for all. WDC Music
Knightlynews 10 % Recognizes the online Transhumanism. Detoxed from alcohol ages ago and shares his epiphanies because of that detoxing. Not afraid to correct me (Gaia)!!
Originalsimulant Russ 17 % One of the wisest and most intelligent men around here. Has great things to say and is working hard to concise his thoughts better. Needs to DEPROGRAM from not being able to hear your own voice (that is only in your head and he restricts his own amazing potential by it). Not afraid to correct me (Gaia)!!
deletetheelite 22 % Host of Eye Am Eye Radio. Sound rational thinking but needs to deprogram from a self-induced "complexity of language or concepts". Has an inspiring understanding of philosophy. Not afraid to correct me (Gaia)!!
Gaia Selene 50 % DETACH from: online trolls, other chicken brain eaters and foes, attach to friends
DETOX from: THC, nicotine, sugar
DEPROGRAM: more explicit language, less holding back, it is too bland, even DaveJ's year old credos are not hitting.
Other points to improve: Diet, Exercise, Palace.
NotSoFreemason Kyle 55 % Stuck in a strange Transhumanist position and self-programming about John le Bon. Cannot grasp the War as a Hoax concept, confuses online personalities with real thinking in the background. Has potential, just needs to do a lot of work on himself.
antipodean 62 % Constantly exhibits 1 - Discredit By Association, 2 - Diversion Tactics, 3 - Military Propaganda Parroting, all because he is afraid of himself (change). Cannot stop making fallacies; ad hominems, does not even grasp analogues (linear thinking, aphantasia). Antipodean
anounceofsaltperday Frank 63 % Thinks he can safely backstab someone online without repercussions. Gets 1 point for some health (?) advices. Frank
Exoterick64 Rick 64 % Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Rick, cannot comprehend real-life organization of a unique experience for one of his best online friends ("the new John Laws"); wants Gaia banned from Fartpodcast Discord. Rick 1
Rick 2
Geris 99 % Update: doxxing the one he calls (self-evident lie) his "friend" ON AIR; betrayal. Does not care at all, no empathy for the right to privacy. Lies, hides crucial information, betrays, backstabs the one who organizes the most amazing life experience in a foreign country; unreliable and a threat. Lives in a fantasy online world and does not give a fuck about his own life. And also not about others; a weird combination of egocentrism and egophobia. Geris
  • More candidates teaching us how (not) to progress will come along the way

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