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Mission[edit | edit source]

Why Agenda 2020?[edit | edit source]

What are we up against?[edit | edit source]


Agenda 2030

Mission: "The worldwide expression of an (r)evolutionary vision in the spirit of holistic "Warriors of the Rainbow" legend, in order to stimulate a global transformation into spiritual awareness, necessary to achieve peace and harmony between man and nature to establish."


"The foundation aims to unite Rainbow Warriors, active worldwide, under its banner and represent as an umbrella organization to promote the Earth Charter. The organization also serves as a catalyst to mobilize international sailing sport for global promotion of the Global Rainbow grassroots eco/peace movement with the undosed Earth Charter, in particular addressing the importance of clean oceans this branch of sport. The foundation aims to achieve this goal by once again speeding up a famous classic competition hunt as a permanent flagship for the expeditional Rainbow Peace Fleet and upcoming Simba 4 Africa campaign, with circus navigation of the poorest continent planned to positively bring Africa into the news by filming successful projects in each country and highlighting documentaries via TV, supporting new projects, in which unity in diversity, both in nature and culture, is high in the standard. This last original M-class Simba, as an internationally sailing heritage, thanks to its beauty of line, unique pedigree, exceptional palmares and status as a prototype for the majestic J-class (USA), also has the necessary qualities to stand out in the international classical race circuit, thus fulfilling the perfect exemplary role, necessary for the creation of a truly startling hunting fleet of the highest level (M &Amp; J Class); a global promotional Rainbow Yacht Squadron with special organization for this (Global)Rainbow Ocean Race in the pipeline."


"Adam Gibson: If you really believe that then you should clone yourself while you're still alive.

Drucker: Why is that? So I can understand your unique perspective?

Adam Gibson: No. So you can go fuck yourself!"

What does Agenda 2020 involve?[edit | edit source]

  1. You; this is YOUR Future. OUR Future. We need to be prepared
  2. we cannot know The Future, but we can damn well extend the trends we studied of today and the past
  3. this means work. Work on yourself!
Lessons from the past
  1. Agenda 2020 podcast teaser - lessons from the past - Geris
  2. Agenda 2020 podcast teaser - lessons from the past - Rollo
  3. applying all the lessons we have learned as a community over the years
  4. everybody is an SME; a Subject Matter Expert, or at least Enthusiast
  5. that means everybody knows enough about "them"
  6. now it is time to apply those learnings to ourselves; start with yourself; your own genealogy; who you are and where you come from; exactly that what the Clownworld tries to eradicate
  7. not knowing that and knowing a lot about "the Rothschilds" or "the Kardashians" [no conspies, the higher ground you may imagine is only in your head] makes you a self-evident moron
  8. they know and care for their families, we should do that too, not because of "them", but because it is the natural tribal shamanistic way of life

Task set I[edit | edit source]

DETACH[edit | edit source]

  • STOP consuming any "news", from whatever "angle", Fakeology-related or not; you have had enough of this drug, looking for your next high (babyhoax), now it is time to DETOX
  • reduce your footprint in the Clownworld; you know best the areas where that is best possible
  • don't put your own children or other's in the mental programming asylum, commonly called "schools"

"It is irrelevant what is true, what matters is what is perceived to be true"

DETOX[edit | edit source]

  • STOP using "their" products where you can, focus on agorism; tribal trading in what economic racists call "the black market"
  • do not namedrop any brand names that are considered "the enemy"
  • get all the Clownworld poisons out of your system; they become apparent once you have DETACHED from it completely

DEPROGRAM[edit | edit source]

  • STOP using "their" language; Newspeak is an extremely powerful tool
  • there are no boogeymen, no "chosenites", no "bad words"; that is all programmed into your head
  • BE YOURSELF; don't hide your "conspiracy views", be proud of them, share them and be confident about the themes you know about and sharpen those

Task set II[edit | edit source]


"How to deal with the (self-programmed?) reality shown above?"

Learn[edit | edit source]

  1. Recognize who your friends are and spend time and energy on them - Share
  2. Recognize who your foes are and avoid spending time and energy on them - DETACH
  3. Know the limitations of your own or someone else's knowledge; don't make claims you cannot substantiate and be open to correction by peers and new information - Don't be afraid
  4. Do not assume "normies" exist; you don't actually know other people; they don't actually know you either; you don't actually know yourself; they don't actually know themselves - DETOX
  5. The vital difference between egoism and egocentrism - egoism is the strive for the own individual interest (a virtue), egocentrism on the other hand involves a blindness for the interests of others (a sin). This difference has become blatantly confrontationally clear on Christmas (!) Day 2019. Ouch, learning can hurt badly sometimes.

Share[edit | edit source]

  1. Share your knowledge; knowledge is power and what you think others do know, in most cases they don't know; A l'aveuglette
  2. Speak up, make podcasts, blogs, pages, videos, write books, make art and share them
  3. Download, archive, select and filter and document the best material, as Fakeopedia intends to do

Reflect[edit | edit source]

  1. Take time to reflect, ideally by DETACHment of inputs from the Clownworld or otherwise (internet; smartphones; tv; Netflix, etc.)
  2. Especially reflect upon major changes in your life; pathways taken or not taken. How does this impact Your Own Future?
  3. Be honest about being right and as honest about being wrong

Create[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak up, make podcasts, blogs, pages, videos, write books, make art
  2. Make the world a better place. Your world. Your choice. Spend your time wisely.
  3. Make things happen. Don't hold back. Promote and donate where you can!

Don't be afraid[edit | edit source]

  1. Once you have DETACHED from the Clownworld
  2. And studied the most important fear-based mind control psyops and seen they are FAKE (e.g. Monika and Alfred Schäfer)
  3. You know the only person you would be afraid of, is yourself. And you don't need to be afraid of yourself, if you know yourself

Task set III[edit | edit source]

Join![edit | edit source]

Colombia Conference Program
Gaia & Rollo
Date Podcast
13 January Radio Rollo Live
29 January Podcast Paradise
4 February Rollo's Last Night
  • Join the Colombia Conference for Agenda 2020 in January!
  • send an email to agenda2020 [monkey tail] protonmail [point] com
    • and join Gaia's Agenda 2020 Discord channel
  • shamanism means sharing, sharpening and showing you learn
  • tribalism means sharing a common feature and forming a community based on voluntary association principles

"Let's respect our differences and embrace our similarities"

  • more points will follow from more brainstorming...

How Transhuman Are We?[edit | edit source]

See How Transhuman Are We? for more

How Transhuman Are We? is a central question in Agenda 2020; a self-motivating survival guide for a grimmer Future.

There seems to be a common misconception that there is "A Transhumanist Age on the rise/coming/ahead". This is wrong; we already live in the Transhumanist Age. Our role in this age is to first identify our "transhuman footprint" and then act upon that knowledge to reduce it.

"It does not matter what is true, what matters is what is perceived to be true"

By 2030 the world will not be as forgiving to less-Transhumans as in 2020...

  • Max More (1990)

"Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values." - Max More (1990)

  • Gaia (2019)

"Any transition from natural, tribal, shamanistic human behavior into a bizarre virtual and unnatural or otherwise transhuman state, where only by making analogues to real-life scenarios (DEPROGRAM) the absurdity of the transhuman state becomes obvious (Reflect)."

What else can I do?[edit | edit source]

  1. Eye Am Eye Radio - Gaia
  2. F... Australian Round Table Podcast - Velocet, Rollo, Exoterick, Noiz Level
  3. Friday Audio Chat - Geris
  4. Hoax Busters Call - Chris Kendall
  5. - John le Bon
  6. Project Monolith - Take No Gnosis
  7. make your own podcasts, videos, content!
  • think about yourself, everything your learned and realize your own power and the very limited power of the Voodoo People

Background material[edit | edit source]

Download everything you come across and archive these materials before the next purge!

Podcasts[edit | edit source]


Eye Am Eye Radio
  1. Agenda 2020 podcast teaser - lessons from the past - Geris
  2. Agenda 2020 podcast teaser - lessons from the past - Rollo
  3. tuned for Podcast Paradise Day - 29 January 2020!
Hoax Busters Call
John le Bon
Take No Gnosis
Jay Dyer
Boiler Room Chat
Tim Kelly, Joe Atwill and other guests
Red Ice TV (purged)

Videos[edit | edit source]

Truth music[edit | edit source]

Rap[edit | edit source]

Kilez More (German)
Other rap

Other[edit | edit source]

Hardstyle[edit | edit source]

Books[edit | edit source]

Must-read[edit | edit source]

  1. 2004 - Michael Crichton - State of Fear
  2. 2004 - Salomon Kroonenberg - De Menselijke Maat (nl) - The Human Measure/Rhythm/Containment*
  3. 2013 - Bram - Een jaar offline (nl) - One Year Offline
  4. 1926 - Cherep Spiridovitch - The Secret World Government or Hidden Hand

- *(no English translation yet, originally published in 2007, 11 editions as of December 2019

Transhumanism[edit | edit source]

New World Order[edit | edit source]

Nazionism[edit | edit source]

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